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About Us

Camping and an active sporting lifestyle, whether through casual or organized participation, is a passion for some and a life force for others. The need to fuss, sweat a lot, feel warm and experience the thrill of all sports fans. A well-structured sports routine is useful not only for the body, but also for the mind. Nevertheless, the inability to find the right equipment, despite the high costs, can greatly upset you, adversely affect your work or even discourage you from playing sports for a long time.
Alex Sports Store was initiated with the goal of spreading the idea of ​​spending free time actively and purposefully, providing adrenaline seekers with the best equipment. In our store you will find everything you need for life in camping, for hiking, for fishing, archery, hunting.
Whether it’s the perfect pair of sports shoes for the upcoming trip, a hiking bag, fishing rods, hiking backpacks, lamps, shooting bows, tents and much more – we have everything in the Alex Sports Store!
Our specially selected store of excellent and affordable sports equipment is delivered only from the best with incomparable care and effort, because we put quality above all else. So be sure and order without any worries, because we know how great sports equipment can affect your routine – become a winner, and if you are not looking for it, have a good time doing what you do.