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I’ve been stilt strolling over a decade now. I’ve carried out everywhere in the world at many various venues and occasions. From TV commercials and on line casino phases to Indy parades and music festivals. After efficiently educating many individuals to stroll on stilts as apposed to falling, I can say with confidence that my approach works. This is a faster and simpler technique to develop into a self-confident stilt walker than most.

How do I be taught to stilt stroll

The greatest and most blatant technique to discover ways to stilt stroll is with a tutor. However this isn’t all the time attainable wherein case listed here are just a few pointers.

What stilts do I exploit

There are three essential sorts of stilts utilized by stilt walkers at the moment. The mostly used stilts are “single pole” stilts. These stilts have been utilized in circuses for hundreds of years. Most persons are accustomed to these. Another sort of stilt generally used is the “drywall” stilt. These stilts are hinged with a large base making them extra secure. These have been primarily developed to be used by plasterers. Thirdly, “poweriser” stilts are generally used. These allow the stilt walker to leap, leap and run.

What’s the very best

The greatest sort of stilt to make use of relies upon upon the kind of exercise you need to do. Things to think about are:

o The sort of character/job you’re taking part in/doing; and/or

o design/weight of your costume; and/or

o peak of costume; and/or

o sort of motion you’re planing to train; and/or

o atmosphere wherein they are going to be used.

Drywall stilts are the simplest to make use of and best to be taught on. Using these is the closest to strolling with your individual legs! However these have disadvantages too. They may be costly, particularly to restore. They have giant toes, which makes them much less versatile for costuming. They may be noisy too, and infrequently sound like Dr. Strangelove’s arm. These actually are geared to be used by freshmen. However, knowledgeable stilt walker will use them in restricted circumstances for sure performances. They are wonderful for stationary costumes like statues, juggler’s and large heavy costumes.

Pole stilts are probably the most communally used stilts by performers. These are rather a lot more durable to be taught on. However pole stilts enable for extra sleek motion after you have mastered them. There are many variations of pole stilt, from hand-crafted wood stilts to aluminum stilts. Some have the brace up the again and a few up the facet. Some stilts use Velcro straps, and a few bolt the sneakers in. I favor aluminum stilts with a brace up the facet and my sneakers bolted in for my performances. Shoes bolted in are safer as Velcro permits for extra motion within the foot, which is usually undesirable. Side braces can typically really feel safer for superior actions.

Finally there are powerised leaping stilts. These have a curved spring loaded pole which makes use of the down pressure of your weight to supply elevate, very like having a trampoline strapped to your foot. These are nice enjoyable and you may get some massive air and nice pace up on them. Costuming is typically restricted with the powerised leaping stilts. These definitely do take some follow. It is more durable to develop into extra superior on these as a result of acrobatic nature of the workout routines these make attainable!

Extra tools

There are some further items of apparatus that I’d advocate. Firstly (and MOST importantly), knee pads are required even if you find yourself at knowledgeable stage. These can prevent from extreme damage. Secondly, shin pads are wonderful for making your stilts extra comfy. All sorts of stilts have to be strapped on tight. The shin pads will defend your legs from the straps as they’ll develop into fairly painful after prolonged durations of strolling/performing. Also for absolutely the newbie wrist guards and a helmet will assist defend you from most falls. Further, these will provide help to feal slightly safer when beginning

Now I’ve stilts how do I begin???

This is one of the simplest ways of studying stilts I’ve discovered but. Remember when falling all the time go knees first!!!!!

Firstly, discover a good friend that’s keen to assist and in a position to assist your weight. Secondly, discover an space that you could repair a rope between two factors like two timber or two lamp posts, telegraph poles and even objective posts. To start stilt strolling, it’s simpler to stroll on agency floor as this offers for higher stability. The rope ought to sit between your waist and arm pit while on stilts. You also needs to have one thing to sit down down on and put in your stilts. A automotive roof is usually fairly good to sit down on. Although something a bit taller than your stilts makes the transition from a seated place to a standing place simpler. Your good friend may also help information you out of your seat to the rope by offering assist very like a strolling body.

Your toes have to be about shoulder width aside. Remember to maintain your toes straight and toes to the entrance as if you have been strolling in your heels. Start by standing upright and dealing with alongside the rope with it safely underneath one arm. This is so that you can seize in case you lose your stability. First, follow “marking time” that is the title for strolling on the spot. Each leg is lifted in order that the stilt leg is about 6inches above the bottom after which returned to the spot. This is repeated with the opposite leg, shifting the load from one to the opposite. You cannot stand nonetheless till you’re a grasp!!! Think of it as like driving a motorbike. When studying to journey a motorbike, it’s tough to discover ways to be stationary with out falling off to the facet. Stilt strolling is similar, however you would fall in any course!

After you’ve got develop into used to the load of the stilts and might management them, now you can attempt taking just a few small steps. This is simply the identical as earlier than, besides your foot is positioned slightly additional ahead. You at the moment are shifting! When you attain the top of the rope, flip by pivoting on one foot. This is usually a very good time to ask your good friend to be on stand by. I have a tendency to seek out that after about 20minutes you go via a ache barrier. This is your muscle tissue getting used to a distinct approach of strolling. It does get simpler to stroll when you go this ache barrier – promise.

Once your confidence has constructed up, get your good friend to face away from the rope and stroll in direction of them. Have them able to catch you when you fall. Do this every single day for every week (or as typically as you possibly can). By the top of this time you’ll be a assured stilt walker. Once you are comfy strolling, then attempt some new issues like working, skipping, pirouettes and managing slopes.

Technique suggestions

To stroll on stilts it’s good to fall ahead, the identical as we do to stroll usually. However, when you lean too far, you’ll fall over particularly when you do not step forwards.

When falling all the time fall to your knees. This is what the knee pads are for. If you are falling backwards twist your physique to fall to your knees. If you place your fingers out you’ll most probably break your arm. Also you do not need to fall in your again; that is when most extreme accidents occur.

Learn to pirouette and step out of it as this may provide help to in recovering falls. Also you possibly can normally cease your self from falling when you step out slightly additional, nonetheless, when you step too far, you would possibly find yourself doing the splits – or worse, straining a kneecap!

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