Poison Ivy Remedy

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Here’s the story of how I unintentionally stumbled upon this amazingly easy remedy for poison ivy. It works instantly, clears it up in a number of days (not two weeks!) and is sooooo straightforward…and free!

I used to be tenting at a spot that fortunately did have a sizzling bathe close by, so after I felt some itching on my leg after a hike by means of the woods, I knew what it was. I’d had extreme poison ivy as a baby and was painfully acquainted with its signs. In reality, I turned allergic to poison ivy and solely needed to be downwind of it earlier than my face would puff up. It was terrible.

I knew the signs very nicely. So I went to the camp bathe to attempt to wash off the oils that brush onto the pores and skin and trigger the response. While operating heat water on the leg, it felt so good that I made it a bit hotter.

Well, that felt even higher. It felt like I used to be scratching it with out scratching it! A scrumptious feeling.

After a number of seconds of that, I made the water a bit hotter. Oh, great! I stored doing this, making the water a bit hotter after reveling within the sensations for some time every time.

At a sure level, the water acquired virtually scalding and the reduction I felt was turning into marginal. So I turned the bathe off.

Looking down, I noticed how pink and virtually throbbing the poison ivy patch was and thought, possibly it will be a good suggestion to chill that down. So I started to run chilly water on the spot. The colder the water acquired, the higher it felt, till all of it felt form of impartial and numb.

Stepping out of the bathe, I used to be cautious to only pat the realm dry and never rub it. Amazingly, it did not itch any extra. Hooray!

And much more wonderful – it did not itch once more for nearly 12 hours!!! Then, when it acted up once more, I knew precisely what to do and went to the bathe, repeating the gradual heating up and instantaneous cooling down I’d carried out earlier than.

Each water remedy gave me 12 hours of reduction earlier than the itching would resume. But on the third day, I observed that the poison ivy was turning brownish – one thing that normally solely occurs after it “runs its course” in per week to 10 days, IF it does not unfold to different areas.

Well, the poison ivy by no means unfold. It did not itch in any respect after a number of days. It dried up and died off.

Years later after I was uncovered to it once more, I did the identical water remedy – so pure, simply various temperature, really easy, so efficient, so easy a remedy for one thing that makes hundreds of thousands of individuals depressing yearly.

So that is my story. You can attempt utilizing an ice dice for sooner cooling down and numbing of the itching. Just be sure you get to the restrict of your “hot” tolerance earlier than you go to chilly. And, joyful tenting/climbing/gardening/childhood!!!

Another easy treatment for poison ivy is to combine baking soda and apple cider vinegar to kind a cream (not fairly a paste) and apply to affected areas. You can do that after you have carried out the water remedy and it quickens the general therapeutic time.

If the poison ivy has gotten across the eyes, simply use the cream. It won’t be a good suggestion to do sizzling water across the eyes.

Just bear in mind, if it itches, do not scratch. That will solely unfold it. If it is poison ivy, you are in luck — all you want is water!

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