Maple Story Bowman Guide – Bowman Training Guide

Different Types of Arrows and Uses

A Bowman is the ranged class in MapleStory. They use bows and crossbows to ship excessive quantities of injury to their enemies.

The Bowman’s fundamental stat is Dexterity which supplies him with very excessive accuracy. This will permit them to be the one class to hunt monsters which can be a a lot larger stage than themselves.

The Bowman character class will get a really distinctive talent which permits them to knock their enemies again which can permit the Bowman to remain at vary and unleash his fury on them.

Bowman is a low populated class, that means there are usually not a lot of them on most servers in comparison with different MapleStory character courses.

The downfall to a Bowman is that they take some time to coach and stage till you attain the third Job Advancement.

As a Bowman, your harm can be very inconsistent whereas leveling till you get among the larger finish class abilities.

While a Bowman is without doubt one of the most unusual courses to play, their full potential is not going to be proven till they attain the upper ranges in MapleStory.

This is how one can advance as a Bowman character class:

Beginner > Archer > Hunter (with extra job developments)

Beginner > Archer > Crossbow Man (with extra job developments)

If you might be bored with taking part in with the opposite Maple Story characters equivalent to Thief, you could wish to have a change of character class and check out your hand at being a Bowman!

Our MapleStory Bowman coaching information has all the main points for coaching your Bowman character.

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