Kingdoms Of Camelot – Starter Miniclip Guide

Kingdoms Of Camelot - Starter Miniclip Guide

Kingdoms of Camelot Starter Guide

So you have been tempted by King Arthur to affix the troops and your simply getting began within the Kingdom of Camelot, you might have your first metropolis able to go… Now what to do first?

When you begin you can be despatched via a mini tutorial on how one can construct objects, full quests and prepare troops. Complete the tutorial and you can be left inside your metropolis prepared with a clean canvas.

Interface –

The prime Shop, Quests, My Items and so forth buttons are self explanatory.

Tabs: At the highest proper of the sport you will notice the tabs City, Field, Map and Court. To begin off with you’ll solely have to fret in regards to the City and Field.

Inventory: Your Gold, Food, Wood, Stone and Ore reserves are proven on the highest bar. Hovering your mouse over these will present you the way a lot you utilize per hour and the way a lot your metropolis is amassing per hour.

Level: This is your stage, the extra would possibly you achieve, the upper your stage will increase.

Might: How highly effective you’re. All your troops, defences, wall/fort stage make up your would possibly. The greater your military = increased would possibly. Good for judging how skilled different participant cities are.

City Buildings –

To begin off with you’ll want to construct:

*6-7 Cottages

*5-10 Barracks

*Alchemy Lab



And then one in all every remaining Buildings as and once you want them. Marketplace and Tavern ought to be final in your listing, as you should not actually need these, if in any respect.

Field Buildings –

The Field tab is the place you’ll achieve assets aside from Gold.

To begin with you might have 13 Fields obtainable. You ought to Build:

*4x Farms

*3x Sawmill

*3x Mine

*3x Quarry

As you stage up your fort, you achieve an additional 3 Fields. You mustn’t construct anymore Farms in these slots as are you able to get loads of meals once you begin attacking Barbarian Camps. Concentrate on Mines and Sawmills, with a number of Quarries’.

Army –

As you begin to achieve a gentle provide of Resources in-between Building/Upgrading Buildings you can begin to construct up a military. You will wish to begin of making Archers as these are the principle troops you can be utilizing.

Supply Troops will even be wanted, these Supply troops will carry loot from cities you assault again toy your personal metropolis.

You ought to purpose for round 500 of every Archer and Supply Troops earlier than we start your first assault.

Defenses –

On your wall you’ll be able to construct defences, on and round it. Until you’re excessive stage sufficient to construct Wall Mounted Miniclip Cross Bows, you need to begin making some Caltrops, these assist decelerate any attackers.

You ought to purpose to construct Cross Bows, Caltrops and Spiked Barriers collectively for the perfect defence.

Make certain you retain your Wall levelled as much as the identical or increased stage of your Castle.

Levelling Buildings & Alchemy Lab Research –

When you might have completed Building the buildings you want, you can begin levelling them up. Barracks, Wall, Alchemy Lab, Cottages and your Fields would be the major ones to begin with.

In the Alchemy Lab you need to begin researching Fletching, Mining, Stoneworking, Fertilizer, Logging after which the remainder as and when you’ll be able to.

Attacking –

Once you might have over 500 Archers and Supply Troops, you have to to construct a Rally Point for those who do not have already got one. This will help you ship your troops out to assault.

You can begin attacking Level 1 Barbarian Camps (Computer Controlled Camps).

You will want an idle Knight to assault with, Knights are any of your Friends who’ve already or play Kingdoms of Camelot as properly. You can choose which Friend you wish to use as a Knight when you might have constructed your Knights Hall.

Once you might have your military and knight, you’ll be able to go to the Miniclip Map tab, discover a close by Level 1 Barbarian Camp and Attack it with a minimal of 500 Supply Troops and 500 Archers so long as you might have learnt the first stage in Fletching in your Alchemy Lab, in any other case it’s possible you’ll want extra troops. Each time you might have a profitable assault, you’ll achieve some assets, together with an enormous pile of meals!

Conclusion –

Keep advancing your Buildings and be taught as a lot as you’ll be able to within the Alchemy Lab. Build up your military with an increasing number of troops and it is possible for you to to assault increased stage Barbarian Camps after which finally different gamers! It does take quite a lot of work and time at first to construct up your metropolis, however do not be postpone, because it’s properly definitely worth the wait.

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