The Alexander Technique Can Make You a Better Golfer – 5 Reasons With Tips

Why Use a Recurve Archery Bow?

This article presents 5 the explanation why the Alexander Technique could make you a higher golfer. There are additionally 5 accompanying suggestions. For over 100 years, the Alexander Technique has helped athletes to be extra athletic by providing you with the instruments to take the best benefit of your energy and energy.

By enhancing stability and motion mechanics, it will probably additionally enable you to keep away from harm, particularly again harm. Most importantly, the Alexander Technique gives a feeling of lightness and ease that’s its hallmark. Of course you possibly can’t be taught the Alexander Technique simply from studying an article, however I hope this text will provide you with the data that you must resolve to take a course of classes.

1. Enhance Your Athleticism

Athleticism could be described as a spring-like high quality throughout the physique and the Alexander Technique helps you improve that high quality inside your self. Golf instruction typically contains angles, actions and positions. These directions are vital, however there should be an underlying athleticism so as so that you can attain your potential. The Alexander Technique helps you expertise your physique as one built-in and coordinated system, relatively than a assortment of components. If you are feeling like some sort of erector set on the golf course, the Alexander Technique can assist you are feeling extra like your entire physique is a spring.


Stand up and picture your physique as an archer’s bow, oriented as in case you are going through the bowstring. Stand straight up, not in a curved place. The bow is a spring and it all the time desires to broaden in opposition to the string. Now think about that somebody is pulling the string, inflicting you to bend. The end result could also be bending, however in your creativeness you’re resisting the string and making an attempt to go up. In actuality, the string is gravity and we all the time go up in opposition to it, regardless of how a lot we bend. Athletes typically appear springy as a result of we’re springs.

2. Feel More Grounded, and Generate Greater Leg Power

A transparent and steady connection to the bottom is important for a highly effective swing. The Alexander Technique helps you identify that connection, not just for golf, however for each step you’re taking. From the method to the again swing, there ought to by no means be a query that your energy comes out of your connection to the bottom. The Alexander Technique exhibits you the way.


Improving stability on one leg can assist you are feeling extra grounded on two legs. The following train might enable you to notice that your stability is best than you suppose. Stand up and level one finger excessive within the air as in case you are reaching. Continuing to level your finger, carry your reverse knee till your thigh is parallel to the bottom (or as near that as you possibly can), whereas additionally permitting your foot to hold immediately underneath your raised knee. Try to make the tip of your finger and the underside of your standing foot be as distant from one another as you possibly can. Does the dynamic relationship between your finger pointing up and your foot taking place enable you to to keep up your stability? 

3. Develop a Tension Free Neck

Excess neck pressure is ubiquitous. If you’ve ever had a stiff neck, you understand how a lot it inhibits motion in your entire physique. A free and supple neck is vital to simple motion in the remainder of the physique. The Alexander Technique teaches you methods to keep away from pressure in your neck throughout all actions, particularly athletic actions.


Lie face up on a carpet together with your head on a mushy cowl ebook. The ebook needs to be thick sufficient in order that your face is parallel to the ground. Place your toes flat on the bottom in order that your knees level towards the ceiling. With your thoughts’s eye, image the very prime of your backbone, a level concerning the stage of your ears and better than the roof of your mouth. This is the joint the place your head and backbone meet. To expertise extra freedom in your neck, consider permitting this joint to melt in order that the highest of your backbone virtually appears to fall away out of your head.

4. Increase Arm Speed and Reach

Many golfers pull their arms towards their physique as they swing. The Alexander Technique helps you uncover readability and freedom in your entire joints. Alexander classes offer you a clear understanding of the distinction between your torso and your arms, permitting fuller extension as you swing with ease and energy.


Going again to the earlier tip, mendacity down together with your head on the ebook and your toes flat on the ground, gently alternate lifting your arms, every time imagining that it float up effortlessly. As you do that, together with your thoughts’s eye, search for the distinction between your arms and your torso. Notice that your torso stays on the ground as your arms go ahead and search for the place your arms connect with your shoulders.

5. Pick Up Your Ball with Ease

It is alleged that extra golfers injure themselves selecting up their golf balls than within the swing. By providing you with a clearer view of your physique’s pure group, a course of Alexander classes will assist you to bend with ease for the remainder of your life.


During your entire bending motion, maintain your toes absolutely on the ground as in case you are standing straight, have a look at the bottom, ship your knees immediately over your toes, and bend solely on the hips and by no means on the waist.

Learning sufficient concerning the Alexander Technique to assist your golf sport typically requires at the very least 10 non-public classes, however you possibly can start by taking only one introductory lesson. I encourage you to search for a instructor in your space.

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