The 3 Best Mosquito Repellents to Use When Fly Fishing

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Fly fishing is a good looking and sleek sport, and nothing can destroy the expertise quicker than a cloud of aggressive skeeters. Since I started fly fishing 6 years in the past, the commonest downside I expertise is the mosquito bites.

I requested all my fly fishing buddies, what works for you? How do you retain the mosquitoes at bay? Their solutions ranged from 100% DEET sprays, to tying a dryer sheet to the again of your hat. I attempted all of their suggestion, and now you’ll be able to profit from my expertise with what works, and what doesn’t.

  • DEET Products – It is the best mosquito repellent, but in addition probably the most harmful to deal with round your fly fishing gear. If you utilize it to defend your self, be very cautious to clear it off your arms. It will soften rubber, plastic, destroy optical coatings on binoculars and glasses, and dissolve plastic on level and shoot cameras.
  • Skin-So-Soft – An AVON product that works as a mosquito repellent, and is endorsed by 1000’s of skilled anglers. It can also be the one factor I’ve discovered to be efficient on no-see-ums in addition to mosquitoes. The drawback of utilizing Skin-So-Soft is, it loses its efficiency relatively rapidly. You might end up reapplying it each 30-45 minutes.
  • Dryer Sheets – Hanging a pair dryer sheets out of your shirt & pants pockets, is a trouble free method of retaining most of the skeeters away. It is probably not 100% efficient, however it does have the bonus of not needing to reapply typically, or wash retaining your hand religiously clear to forestall damaging your gear.

The backside line is that you simply now know each the benefits and downsides of the perfect 3 mosquito repellents. Now it’s time time to determine whether or not you need to danger damaging your tools with DEET. Or apply Skin-So-Soft extra incessantly, and save your fly fishing line. Through expertise I’ve discovered that every one of those strategies work, you’ll need to determine which is the higher match for you.

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