Dentistry The Past and The Present

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7000 BC – The Bow Drill Era

Dentistry received its begin within the Indus Valley of India and Pakistan area. These industrious would-be dentists have been grasp beadmakers who used bow drills to remedy tooth issues. This can be the primary look of dental assistants, whose duties consisted of restraining the flailing arms and legs of sufferers through the undoubtedly excruciating procedures. Still, this clearly beat a life with out enamel.

The First Known Dental Implant

The historical past of dental implants begins greater than 1300 years in the past with the traditional Mayans. Back in 600 AD, a younger girl was lacking a few of her decrease enamel. The identical as any trendy girl, she wished her smile beautified. She acquired what is probably one of many world’s first dental implants. It was made out of items of shell formed to resemble enamel.

The Father of Modern Dentistry

In 1723, French surgeon Pierre Fauchard revealed The Surgeon Dentist, A Treatise on Teeth. He is taken into account the daddy of recent dentistry as a result of his e-book was the primary to explain a complete system for caring for and treating the enamel.

Pierre Fauchard (1678 – March 22, 1761) was a major French doctor, credited as being the “father of modern dentistry”. He is broadly identified for his e-book, Le chirurgien dentiste, “The Surgeon Dentist” 1728, the place he described the fundamental oral anatomy and perform, indicators and signs of oral pathology, operative strategies for eradicating decay and restoring enamel, periodontal illness (pyorrhea), orthodontics, substitute of lacking enamel, and tooth transplantation. His e-book is alleged to be the primary full scientific description of dentistry. Fauchard’s textual content was adopted by others who continued to increase the data of the dental occupation all through Europe.

1790 – The First Dental Foot Engine

The first dental foot engine was constructed by John Greenwood and one among George Washington’s dentists. It was made out of an tailored foot-powered spinning wheel.

Dr. John Greenwood (1760-1819) was George Washington’s private dentist and was accountable for designing Washington’s well-known dentures, which weren’t wooden however carved from hippopotamus tusk. He invented the primary identified “dental foot engine” in 1790.

He was the son of Isaac Greenwood, the primary native-born American dentist.

A letter from John Greenwood to Lt. General George Washington on his denture expenses, dated 1799, is within the A.D. Black History of Dentistry Collection at Northwestern University.

1790 was an enormous 12 months for dentistry, as this was additionally the 12 months the primary specialised dental chair was invented. It was made out of a picket Windsor chair with a headrest hooked up.Simple and efficient invention.

1840 – The First Dental School is Founded

Chapin Harris and Horace Hayden based the Baltimore College of Dental Surgery, the primary college devoted solely to dentistry. The faculty merged with the University of Maryland School of Dentistry in 1923, which nonetheless exists right this moment.

1844 – Nitrous Hits the Scene

Connecticut dentist Horace Wells was the primary uncover that nitrous oxide can be utilized as anesthesia. After utilizing it with success on a number of of his sufferers in non-public, he tried to reveal its results in public, however the demonstration was seen as failure as a result of the affected person cried out throughout surgical procedure. In 1846 one among college students, William Morton, would take credit score for the invention after a profitable demonstration.


Nitrous oxide, generally generally known as laughing fuel or candy air, it’s a chemical compound with the components N2O. It is an oxide of nitrogen. At room temperature, it’s a colorless non-flammable fuel, with a barely candy odor and style. Usually utilized in surgical procedure and dentistry for its anesthetic and analgesic results. It is called “laughing gas” because of the euphoric results of inhaling it, a property that has led to its leisure use as a dissociative anesthetic. It can be used as an oxidizer in rocketry and in motor racing to extend the ability output of engines. At elevated temperatures, nitrous oxide is a strong oxidizer much like molecular oxygen.

Nitrous oxide provides rise to NO (nitric oxide) on response with oxygen atoms, and this NO in flip reacts with ozone. As a end result, it’s the fundamental naturally occurring regulator of stratospheric ozone. It can be a significant greenhouse fuel and air pollutant. Considered over a 100-year interval, it has 298 occasions extra influence ‘per unit weight’ (Global warming potential) than carbon dioxide.

The 20th Century

Dentistry has seen an excessive amount of innovation over the previous 100 years. In 1903 Charles Land devised the porcelain jacket crown.

In 1905, Alfred Einhord, a German chemist, found Novacain.

Procaine is an area anesthetic drug of the amino ester group. It is used primarily to scale back the ache of intramuscular injection of penicillin, and it was additionally utilized in dentistry. Owing to the ubiquity of the commerce identify Novocain, in some areas procaine is referred to generically as novocaine. It acts primarily by being a sodium channel blocker.

In 1938, the primary tooth brush with artificial nylon bristles hit the market.

In 1945, the water fluoridation period started when the cities of Newburgh, NY and Grand Rapid, MI determined so as to add fluoride to the general public water provide. In 1950, the primary fluoride toothpastes are marketed.

In 1951, a Swedish orthopedic surgeon named Per-Ingvar Brnemark got here throughout the idea fairly accidentally, however a fortuitous accident it was.

Professor Brnemark and his analysis workforce have been learning microscopic facets of the bones’ therapeutic course of in lab on the University of Lund. During one among their experiments, a titanium metallic cylinder was screwed into the thighbone of an animal take a look at topic.

Upon additional examination of the bone and metallic cylinder, Professor Brnemark noticed one thing shocking: the metallic cylinder had fused with the bone.

Researchers got here to appreciate,that Titanium was the one persistently profitable materials for dental implants. Before Dr. Brnemark’s work, different docs had been toying with the concept of dental implants for years. A number of different metals, together with silver and gold, had failed. Even human enamel (from donors) have been tried.

In 1957, John Borden invented the primary excessive pace electrical hand drill.

In the 1960s, the primary dental lasers are developed and used for comfortable tissue procedures.

The 1960s additionally noticed the invention of the primary electrical toothbrush.

The 1990s marks the start of the period of beauty dentistry, with the elevated recognition of veneers, bleaching, and dental implants.

Since then the implants did not modified a lot,they solely turned extra fashionable.

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