The Funniest Words in the English Language

Recurve Bows Vs Compound Bows: Which One Is the Best Choice for You?

These phrases sound hilarious to me for some motive, and if somebody did not know the that means, one might present a reasonably good guess from the sound.

  • Boondoggle – no matter it’s, you realize it is not good and you do not wish to become involved
  • Donnybrook – throw two teams of drinkers collectively from completely different international locations, that is what you get. You know one once you see one.
  • Hootenanny – I’ve identified musicians in each period since the 60’s, so I’ve an indication in my home that claims “No Hootenannies”, the phrase is extra enjoyable than the precise occasion
  • Doodle – everybody does it, not many will admit it, however its humorous
  • Banana – enjoyable to say even in the event you add extra syllables. I like 5, then it rhymes with “Roseannadanna”
  • Pajamas – is that this singular or plural, can you’ve one?
  • Armadillo – some sort of army automobile is not it?
  • Folderol – feels like one thing for ingesting, as in “last night I was so ripped I folderol over the place”
  • Whippoorwill – what did poor Will do?
  • Loquacious – well-known Latin thinker, or perhaps a personality on Star Trek, “Spock, go get Loquacious, he knows intergalactic philosophy”
  • Testicle – led to testify, testimony, testomony, as you swear you seize the household jewels once you do it (or as the Bible says in it is unique TESTAMENT, “Abraham grabbed his thigh” – shut sufficient!)
  • Ne’er-do-well – funniest expression ever for deadbeats, must be Shakespeare
  • Roustabout – see “ne’er-do-well” cuz it is funnier
  • Oil – is an ancestral clue, pronounced with two or three syllables, as in “aw-eee-yull” down south, typically “awl”, and pronounced “earl” on The Honeymooners, “oh-ill” elsewhere
  • Knickerbockers – and might you imagine individuals would hear that and nonetheless put on em? “yep, I gotta get me some of them knickerbockers, see what those are all about”
  • Haberdashery – a spot for quick meals from the center east?
  • Peccadillo – this might imply a number of issues, one is a small armadillo
  • Swamp – often stated with two syllables, in the event you’re from one, it is not so humorous.
  • Impudent – from Lawrence of Arabia, “you, sir, are an impudent rascal.” (it is funnier if the British use it)
  • Elbow – it’s important to pause between syllables, and when you consider it, the place did this phrase come from? why are there no different bows on the physique like the kneebow, the neckbow, the legbow.
  • Pumpkin – it is a compound phrase made from two smaller phrases and humorous that manner too cuz it is one step previous kissin cousins
  • Burly – yessir, he was a burly man, not any girly lady
  • Gargoyle – wait, is that this English? gargle got here from the sound gargoyles make throughout rainstorms anyway.
  • Oblivion – it is both an Irish valet or a Greek creator, “O’blivion, let’s go with the seersucker today, and fetch me that new volume of Oblivion as well”
  • Gerrymander – a small amphibian? some cricket place, as in “he’s now starting gerrymander for Manchester”
  • Anonymous – most prolific author in any language; the solely phrase that rhymes with “Hieronymous”
  • Booger – humorous irrespective of how you utilize it, applies to many as in “that ole booger!”
  • Petticoat – a small coat? and it goes the place? it is a coat for what precisely?
  • Copacetic – I feel my granny used to prescribe this homeopathic treatment as a pharmicist in the 1920’s earlier than it was declared unlawful
  • Weenie – we giggle at em, we make enjoyable of em, and we eat em!
  • Pomegranate – let’s have a look at, what we could name yon fruit? is maybe associated to granite?
  • Rutabaga – that avenue urchin was actually a pest, have you ever ever seen a rutabaga?
  • Jellyfish – is it edible, on a sandwich with tartar and peanut butter? now that is simply plain disgusting..
  • Daffodil – both a cartoon character or an Irish herb
  • Sabbatical – this cannot be good, I feel it entails satan worship and bare dancing in teams
  • Kumquat – it is a phrase you do not say in blended firm, and all youngsters know it is a sure unmentionable physique half
  • Discombobulated – I needed to be gassed to have this executed as soon as

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